Digestate Spreading

Our anaerobic digestion (AD) plant produces around 75,000 tonnes of nutrient rich PAS110 compliant digestate fertiliser.

We are now spreading this on most of our arable and dairy grass across the farm. This provides all the nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulphur for our crops, plus a good dose of trace elements and organic matter. We test the product daily when we are spreading, and apply the right quantities to our crops in order to maximise the utilisation of the available nutrients. We have a network of storage lagoons across the farm so we can apply the digestate at exactly the right time to the crops.

We spread using two appliances. Most goes on using an umbilical pipe system, with a pump at the lagoon end and a 27m Vogelsang applicator boom on our John Deere tractor. This can pump up to 3,000m, using a “cow-horn” pipe management system. Using GPS, we can measure the flow rates accurately and produce an electronic flow rate map that can be stored for future reference. The tractor travels along the sprayer tramlines using Controlled Traffic GPS. The outlying fields, headlands, and odd shaped field edges are spread using a HiSpec 14 cube tanker with a 12m Vogelsang boom. This is supported by a nurse tank and 32t D-Tech digestate tanker matched to a 4WD Iveco full size articulated lorry.