Business Space

We have a number of well established and growing business in our commercial units. At Chitterne, a large IT business has a recently refurbished 18,500 sqft building; at Stockton we are refurbishing 30,000 sqft of ex-dairy buildings for Zoo Events to use as headquarters. At Steeple Langford we have an 8,000 sqft storage unit available to rent and a further 4,500 sqft let out.

At East Farm, Codford, we let out 12,000 sqft of storage units

At Codford, there are a number of buildings available for development into bespoke business space for prospective tenants.

  • Range of size from 4,000 up to 30,000 sqft, various qualities and tenures.
  • Flexible space, so as your business grows, you can adapt your business space with us
  • Private wire electric supply from our AD plant (see link), and ground source heat, so your energy supply will be great value and 100% renewable.
  • Excellent access to the A36, and good road links across the south of England.
  • Plenty of parking
  • Our broadband is the best in the area, with up to 1,000 mb available through our ultrafast link with Wessex Internet

Please contact Carolyn for more details